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Asheville Family Photographer | Newton Family Photos

Leslie contacted me about capturing photos of this special time for their new little family and I happily met with them one beautiful Sunday afternoon to do just that. We really lucked out with the weather. Being the end of February, we really had no idea what to expect and I knew Leslie wanted the photos to be outdoors. Although a little windy, it was sunny and warm:)

Their 3 month old little boy had more facial expressions than I have ever seen in a child that young! He was any photographers dream (as long as we weren’t putting him in cradles or baskets) and I love all of the photos showing how much his cute little personality is already coming out. Just look at the photo below … those tiny baby forehead wrinkles are beyond adorable!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your special moments for you:)


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Newborn Photography Asheville | Wyatt

I’m so excited to have this sweet family up on the blog! Krista and Griff welcomed baby Wyatt into their family in December and he is a little over two weeks old in these photos:) I absolutely LOVE everything about this newborn session. There is something about capturing the love and newness of a family with a newborn that I love so much. The parents are so full of new and raw emotion.

As soon as I walked in their 1914 house, I knew I had to somehow incorporate the beautiful wood floors and baseboards that you can only get with an older home into the photos. The pictures we got of Wyatt on his yellow and white ottoman are some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. I love being able to put some of the families belongings into the photos so it makes it unique and just for them:)

Congratulations Krista and Griff on your sweet baby boy! I had so much fun spending the morning with you!

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Asheville Family Photographer | Shelton Christmas Photos

I absolutely loved working with this family! Elliot and Ashley contacted me to take their family Christmas photos and I had so much fun working with them. Not only is this family gorgeous, they were so kind and the children were so well-behaved.

It was a windy but unusually warm December day and perfect for taking pictures. We headed out to a beautiful field near my in-laws house out in Mars Hill. Some of my favorite photos from the session are where the girls are blowing snow at the camera. Little does anyone looking at the photos know, it was such a windy day that when they blew the snow it went right back on them and got in their eyes and hair. Luckily, Ashley had her best friend with her that is also a hair stylist who fixed their hair while a snapped a few couple shots of Ashley and Elliot!

So looking forward to taking photos of this sweet family in the near future:)

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Thought I would include this best friend photo from the session. I have had the same best friend for 13 years, so this special relationship pulled at my heart strings a little:)best friend photos asheville

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Asheville Children’s Photographer | Eli’s 3 month

You may remember Eli from a few posts back when I did his newborn photos. He was my very first session ever and they asked me to come back and do his 3 month pictures!

This was a very cold day in December so the majority of the photos are inside but we snuck him outside for 2 minutes (literally!) to get these first couple of shots. I’m so glad we did because I love how they turned out.

Still as cute as before, welcome Eli back to my blog:)

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Child Photographer Asheville | Luci’s Chocolate Party

Right after Baylee was born I became involved in a playdate group with a few girls I went to high school with that I hadn’t spoken to in years. The four of us all had our babies within 6 weeks of each other. Having a newborn is not for the faint of heart and we were all able to keep each other sane the first few months! We managed to get together once a week, almost every week, for the first year!

I couldn’t have been more excited when asked to photograph Luci’s chocolate party last September. Laura went all out with decorations, making all of the girls tutu’s and Baylee a bowtie (did I mention Baylee is the only boy??). With a bounce house, tee-pee, ball pit and lots of chocolate cake it was every one year olds dream afternoon!

It has been so much fun watching Luci go from a tiny one month old into a walking and talking toddler (yes, she is abnormally smart and started saying sentences before everyone else started talking). Baylee and I are so blessed to have such wonderful friendships:)


This cutie also happens to be Baylee’s first kiss:)

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